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Our Story

For over fifteen years, our international accessibility and universal design consulting firm has served small companies, Fortune 500 corporations, educational institutions, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations representing people with disabilities. Tech for All’s sole mission is to help its clients successfully address the challenges of making their products, services, websites, kiosks, and mobile apps accessible for all, including people with disabilities.

TFA seeks to be your Accessibility Partner. We will work with your organization to craft practical and effective solutions for the accessibility challenges you face. TFA offers a broad range of accessibility support services including training, planning, evaluation, remediation, implementation, and monitoring.

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The TFA Logo

The greater than or equal to symbol is represented in the Tech for All logo and signifies our mission to help our clients provide equivalent or greater access to technology for people with disabilities.


At the heart of TFA’s practice are the exceptionally talented, skilled, and experienced consultants who develop accessibility solutions and support successful implementation. Many of TFA’s experts are living with disabilities themselves. Each of TFA’s project teams includes seasoned consultants who bring specialized knowledge, capabilities, and solid experience to the task at hand.

Caesar Eghtesadi, PhD

Caesar founded Tech for All in 2001 after leading the development of the Universal Access Copier System, the world’s first voice-activated, large-scale office equipment product that was accessible and usable by people with disabilities. Caesar has led over 200 successful consulting engagements for diverse clients. He has been a major contributor to several projects for the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR).

The TFA Team

Frederick Bowes III, Executive Consultant

A seasoned C-level publishing executive and electronic publishing pioneer, Rick now develops and manages consulting relationships for Tech for All.  He contributes directly to engagements calling for specialized expertise in content accessibility or in the design of practical end-to-end accessibility project and program solutions.

Steve Kaye, PhD, Principal Accessibility Consultant

Steve has been designing, developing, and testing software products for accessibility and usability for over twenty years.  He has worked on products ranging from small and simple embedded systems to complex, enterprise level web applications. His areas of interest include design for disabled users, software accessibility evaluation, and usability testing.

Amy Salmon, MEd, Senior Accessibility Consultant

Since 2001, Amy has been providing reviews of technology products and websites, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards and best practices for people with disabilities. As a user of screen reader technology she has been a major contributor to several clients’ projects such as Microsoft, California State University, Cengage Learning, and Ingram Digital.

Terri Youngblood, Principal Accessibility Consultant

Terri has been a driving force behind accessible information technology in the federal government for more than a decade. Terri has developed accessibility standards for the government and software industry, tested countless software applications, and provided expert consultation to information technology developers. She has served as a policy and performance analyst and information technology curriculum developer. Terri's significant contributions to the assistive technology arena have been recognized by numerous awards including former Vice President Al Gore's Hammer Award, the AAES Excellence in Access Award, the Encore Achievers Award from CACI, and by the Department of Education for her work in developing the Requirements for Accessible Software Design.

Andre Lukatsky, Senior Accessibility Design Consultant

With over 14 years of experience in the accessible information technology field, Andre brings extensive applications and web development experience to the table. Familiar with many types of assistive technology and accessibility standards, he has developed accessible distance education frameworks for blind and visually impaired audiences and implemented technology solutions for users with disabilities. As a member of the Tech for All consulting team, Andre conducted accessibility training and executed numerous accessibility evaluation projects, spanning Desktop, Online, and Mobile platforms. Andre is a graduate of Illinois Institute of Technology with a BS in Computer Science.

Michael Parker, MS, Senior Content Accessibility Consultant

Michael has more than 15 years of experience in accessible information technology and the assistive technology field. He has developed products for the visually impaired and worked extensively with organizations to improve the accessibility of their websites, documents and processes. He has developed information access solutions for people with disabilities in many different public settings, including employment centers, libraries, hospitals, and universities. Most recently, Michael has been working on website and document accessibility providing both training and remediation services to help organizations meet accessibility requirements for people with disabilities. He is a member of the Rehabilitation Engineering Society of America and has a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

Elaine Ober, Senior Accessibility Programs Consultant

Elaine Ober has spent over 30 years in higher education publishing, working across all disciplines. In 2011, she dove into accessibility full time, serving as Associate Director of Accessibility for Pearson’s Higher Education division, and then as Head of Accessibility Advocacy for global Pearson. She oversaw internal and external communication of Pearson’s accessibility story; trained editorial teams, the branding team, and vendors on making images accessible; and managed Pearson’s relationship with advocacy groups, institutional partners, and other players in the accessible publishing ecosystem. She joined TFA in the Spring of 2017 after retiring from Pearson in February. Elaine serves on the Advisory Board for the DIAGRAM Center, a Benetech Initiative, and on the National Task Force of the the Center for Accessible Material Innovation at Georgia Tech. Elaine has Master of Library and Information Science, Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Boston, MA, and Bachelor of Arts, English & Comparative Literature from Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

Ricky Enger, Accessibility Consultant

Ricky Enger has over 25 years of experience with a variety of assistive technology. She has been heavily involved in the development of websites and software from design to final release, not only to ensure compliance with accessibility standards, but to guarantee a positive user experience for all. As a blind technology professional herself, she has a deeply personal understanding of how accessible projects benefit the disabled population. She has trained clients with a diverse array of disabilities to successfully utilize technology to benefit from all that the digital age has to offer. She is passionate about training clients, no matter their level of technical expertise, to become comfortable with technology, access information, increase productivity and engage in social networking.

Awards and Recognition

Caesar Eghtesadi, Tech for All President, has received numerous awards and recognition for his contributions to technologies for people with disabilities. In July of 2000, he was honored by Vice President Al Gore and Mrs. Gore during the celebration ceremony of the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Caesar and the Tech for All team have received the following awards:

  • Helen Keller Technology Achievement Award, American Foundation for the Blind
  • Corporate Volunteer Award, Blinded American Veterans Foundation
  • Technology of the Year Award, Industry Week Magazine
  • Computerworld Smithsonian Medal, Smithsonian Institute
  • Corporate Service Award, Independent Living Center of Southern California
  • Corporate Service Award, City of Los Angeles
  • Nominated for Stevie Wonder/SAP Product Vision Award, in top 10 finalists from 200 products from 27 Countries