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Role-Based Training

Let us train your team to proactively address accessibility issues as part of their everyday work habits and responsibilities. TFA’s training is customized to fit the specific needs of each client and is delivered by individuals familiar with the client’s products. Interactive training sessions can be tailored to the job responsibility and roles of your team members. The TFA team prides itself on providing meaningful, understandable and actionable information via training opportunities.

Role-Based Training is customized to Web Designers, Web Developers, UX, UI Designers, Content Creators, Quality Control teams, and IT Managers.

Delivery Methods

  • Interactive webinars - customized for larger groups
  • In-person sessions - customized training for smaller groups
  • Client collaboration sessions - TFA technical team works to solve real-time difficulties experienced by the client teams and provide remediation recommendations or design alternatives
  • Individualized sessions - customized to individual

TFA works to complement and build the skills of your team. The goal is to enhance our clients’ internal capabilities by providing customized support and training. Select any of the above methods or mix and match. TFA is also open to offering new methods for training based on specific client requirements.

Examples of Training Topics

Web Designers & Developers, UX & UI Designers, Quality Control Testers

  • Accessibility Standards, Strategies, and Evaluation Process Techniques
    • Targeted evaluations techniques for Web Page Structure, Menu structure, ARIA, CSS and various coding solutions (using real examples of client’s applications)
  • Web Application Development Life Cycle: Techniques to incorporate accessibility compliance into the design, development, and testing cycle (using real examples of client’s applications)
  • Document Accessibility: Power Point, Word, PDF, ePub,..etc.

Content Creators

  • Content Accessibility: Power Point, Word, PDF, ePub, Interactive elements..etc.


  • Policy Development, Strategic Planning, Regulations, Guidelines, and Best Practices

All-hands training

  • Universal Design-building Disability and Inclusivity Awareness